Low class, no class, all sass.

Let me start out by saying I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m totally new to the stay at home mom game and after reporting to work full time for the past 10 years I am now so lost with what to do with all this extra time.  I don’t get much human interaction besides small children and so social media is my new bestie.  I’ve come across so many awesome mom blogs out there and I enjoy them all but none of them quite fit my life so I figured I’d throw my mess into the mix. Check out my about page I’m not an entrepreneur, I don’t sell anything or work at all. I’m not into fitness or clean eating or being healthy in general.  We don’t live in a big city or even a big house. My husband is a truck driver and an avid woodsman (seriously he will hunt anything in season) so we don’t make tons of money or live a fancy life.  I drink, I swear, I have a messy house and my kids wear mismatched clothes and like to eat off the floor.  I don’t have any awesome parenting advice, just glimpses of real life.  So here I am if you wanna read my adventures of mom life with 3 boys.


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