My kids eat dirt, who cares what’s for dinner?

IMAG2252_1I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. I love the chance to get out of my house for a few minutes and I love it when I’m awesome on the budget. But I hate checking out and feeling like I should be doing better.  Does trying to figure out what to feed your family make anyone else feel like a crappy parent?  I know kids are picky eaters and I try to present foods to them in different ways to get them to eat but it seems like they don’t eat near as much fruits and vegetables as the rest of the world says they should.  I’m not a super mom, I’m not a chef or a health nut, we don’t “clean eat” and I can’t afford to spend tons of money on organic stuff that might go to waste (we’ve had to use food stamps more than once) but I still do my best to cook everyday and I refuse to serve my kids frozen dinners.  This should be good enough right?  A bunch of stuff tossed in a crock pot for a meal that will feed my family should be all that matters, my kids are fed and perfectly healthy. So why is it that it seems everywhere you look there’s advertisements, articles and even other moms who seem to put you to shame for not being able to feed your children three course meals of roasted vegetables  and salads with salmon fillets?  Who the hell has time or patience for this? Who can even afford to feed kids like this when we all know how they waste it?  Why do I feel shamed at the checkout lane by everyone staring at my purchases? At the end of the day if my kids are not starving who cares if the meal wasn’t organic grown in my yard, low carb, fat free, paleo rabbit food.


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