I grew up with young parents and they were pretty cool. I always would have hoped to be kind of  a cool mom but I’m pretty sure my husband and I are going to be the “weird” parents.  Like the “Oh my god mom please stop” kind of parent.  Is this inevitable? Is time going to move so far forward that I’m totally out of style and lame? I’ve already achieved the hiding in the passenger seat status with my stepson (come on who doesn’t want to crank up it’s tricky by Run D.M.C). I can’t help it that we’re a mix of dirty bikers and hillbilly forest people. I’m a tattooed barefooted nerd type.  My husband…well he likes to shoot squirrels in our yard through the bathroom window, sometimes he cooks them and he continuously speaks in movie quotes.  Our kids don’t know we’re weird yet but one day they’ll figure it out.  I mean what’s normal anyways right?  I guess here’s to hoping that even if I’m a weirdo mom, hopefully I’m not raising the weird kid in class. 


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