Let’s go live in the woods.

What happened to childhood? My feet would probably give a pedicurist a heart attack, they are awful. Not in a nasty fungus, ingrown toenail kind of way just  rough and calloused.  No matter how much I scrub the dirt doesn’t go away but I don’t really care, that’s just what happens when you don’t wear shoes. I love being barefoot, I walk in the dirt, mud, gravel, sticks whatever and it doesn’t bother me. It’s how I grew up, we played outside.  My mother quickly realized that making me wear shoes was pointless because they got ruined in the sandbox or the creek.  I look forward to this with my boys, having them be barefooted muddy nature explorers. Go catch frogs and bugs and find cool rocks and build things with sticks.  I wanna raise them to not care about dirty feet or bruises and scratches. C’Mon be boys!  But everything is so plugged in now, 10 different kids channels, tablets with endless apps, new game systems aimed towards kids even when they shouldn’t be.  I looked at myself and thought how could I ever be one of those stuffy old people but damn if can’t help the “when I was your age” lectures from building up and looking at commercials thinking that stuff is inappropriate for kids.  Times are changing too fast for me and I’m only 28!!!  Can we just go live in the woods somewhere and I can convince my kids technology doesn’t exist?


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