Back to good

This is a different sort of blog post, not so much a momlife post as it is a my life post…I’d like to express the joy that I’ve been feeling from staring at pictures of people’s bookshelves….What does that mean? I’m feeling better.  What? Was I not feeling good? Everyone has their ups and downs and well I’ve definitely been stuck in a stress filled ditch. It happens, we sit down one day and think holy shit I think I hate my life (but we don’t, not really, our brains just get overwhelmed).  I’d like to share a fact that you may not know, my obsession with makeup is very much related to depression. Not that I don’t actually like it, but it’s been growing to where I insist on spending hours googling tutorials and all the latest products and looks in order to cover my face with a whole new one, a mask, a distraction to make me feel better. I tell myself I have to look awesome to feel awesome and of course to cover how exhausted I am! Over the last couple of weeks I haven’t cared to feed my makeup addiction, I scroll right past the latest posts.  Instead I have spent so much time just looking at pictures of bookshelves and people’s collections because it just plain makes me happy. It’s a true love and more of a peaceful feeling. Books are for living a thousand lives, going on an adventure, seeing a new world. I feel like this is a sign of my stress melting away and finally my brain finding order in chaos. So if you need me I’ll be over here daydreaming about the smell of old paper (but FYI my eyeliner will still be on point).


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