Hello Mother’s Day

I'm a little late on this post, I've been a little lazy but I wanted to bring up a dilemma I'm sure everyone else faces each year. How to spend mothers day.  Days before Sunday even came I was getting texts and calls from my mother, sister in law, mother in law, all asking what …

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Back to good

This is a different sort of blog post, not so much a momlife post as it is a my life post...I'd like to express the joy that I've been feeling from staring at pictures of people's bookshelves....What does that mean? I'm feeling better.  What? Was I not feeling good? Everyone has their ups and downs …

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Let’s go live in the woods.

What happened to childhood? My feet would probably give a pedicurist a heart attack, they are awful. Not in a nasty fungus, ingrown toenail kind of way just  rough and calloused.  No matter how much I scrub the dirt doesn't go away but I don't really care, that's just what happens when you don't wear …

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Annoying things my kids do.

You know what would make having kids so much better? If they had an off switch. I'd even settle for a mute button.  I'm sure every parent has that same moment every day where you ask yourself "what the hell is wrong with my kid?" or "holy shit could they possibly be more annoying?". I …

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